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About Us


Autotechnica Aust (formerly Autotechnica Qld) was established in 2005 to specifically service the certification needs of private car builders and modifiers. We specialize in Individually Constructed Vehicles, re-bodied vehicles and trike conversions but are open to other projects.

We provide consultation and advice in a simple and easy to understand form so that anyone who dreams of building their own unique vehicle can be fully informed about the requirements and processes involved in bringing those dreams into reality. We then take you step by step through the process, ultimately testing, drafting reports, certifying and submitting the required applications and forms to the Transport Department for the approvals required to get you legally registered in Queensland and Tasmania.


We are client focused and we do not over-service or over-charge you for the work we do on your projects.

We are just as happy to work on your low-budget project as we are on the high-end builds.

Note that we only certify legal builds and modifications so if your looking for someone to sign off a project which is outside of the rules, then please go somewhere else. Rules are there for a reason (mostly for very good reasons) so don’t endanger yourself or others by flaunting them.

We have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry including design, construction, testing and certification.


Please take the time to look at our photo galleries as these show the depth and variety of our experience and expertise.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding your dream car build.

Earl Gilchrist

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