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Trike Conversions


If you are converting your motorcycle into a trike by using a bolt-on trike rear end (or occassionally a front end) assembly then the vehicle is considered to be a modified motorcycle for the purposes of certification. If however you modify the main motorcycle frame by welding on it or cutting away sections of it such that it cannot be turned back into the original motorcycle (using hand tools such as spanners etc.), then your trike will need to be certified as an ICV.

At Autotechnica Aust we can assist you with the approval applications for your motorcycle to motortrike conversion. We can take you from conception through to registration with a minimum of fuss.

Trike conversions are certified according to two build dates. The base  motorcycle must remain compliant with the ADRs relevant to the motorcycle's date of manufacture but the bolt-on trike section must comply with the current ADRs relevant to the new trike's ADR category.

Please note that trikes are still required to be inspected by Transport Inspectors at a TMR Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre before they can be used on a public road.

We have plenty of experience in this field. Please take the time to look at our Trike Conversions photo gallery which shows the depth and variety of our experience and expertise.



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